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The first component of the model brings together some of the aspects that can be studied in the evaluation of a CSCL system. We have grouped them into three different facets.

The second facet, called Ground, can be defined as the state of the environment in which a CSCL system exists. It can be considered as the context in which an evaluand takes place or is intended for. Within this facet we have included some aspects that should be taken into account in an evaluation: e.g. the characteristics of the evaluation we want to perform (extension, number of evaluators, experience in evaluation, transdisciplinarity of the evaluation group if any, external help etc), the main features of the participants (number of students, learning style of the students, students previous knowledge, teaching style, teacher´s knowledge in the use of ICT, developers´ background, developer´ evaluation experience, etc ) or the features of the setting in which we are going to evaluate (climate, grade, extension, etc).