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Description of the Components of the model

image Evaluand Method Graphical representation Evaluation Report Ground Perspective Course 1 Course 2 Course 3 Course 4

The model´s core parts:

As can be seen in the Figure below, the model´s core parts are: Three facets (Perspective, Ground and Method) that sumarizes some characteristics that could be taken into account while conducting an evaluation; four question-oriented practical courses (1st: Evaluating a CSCL program, innovation, course. 2nd Course: Evaluating a CSCL tool. 3rd Course: Evaluating a CSCL teaching strategy/learning resource. 4th Course: Evaluating a CSCL research project); a representation diagram with the aim of helping evaluators to plan an evaluation; and finally a set of recommendations to write the report of an evaluation using the current model.

Alternative representation of the model with the aspects included in each component


The figure below shows an alternative representation of the "complex embroidery" formed by the interrelations among the aspects that conform each of the facets of the model. Although it does not tend to represent the complete set of aspects that should be included in the evaluation of a CSCL system, it reveals its complexity.